This is the first large ravine upstream of Griffy Lake on the south. I tend to think of it as "the" ravine, since it's my favorite of the ravines around Griffy. It's fairly straight and has very steep slopes of loose limestone; you have to enter it from the top or the bottom, you can't (controllably) get down the sides. There are a lot of ferns in this ravine, most notably Diplazium pycnocarpon and Deparia acrostichoides.

Looking down the ravine with snow, 1/31/04.

Ice in the ravine, 1/31/04.

Looking up the ravine, 2/28/04.

Looking out the ravine into the bottomlands, 2/28/04.

Ferns in the upper part of the ravine, 5/12/04.

Looking up the ravine from its mouth, 7/15/04. That's the same fallen tree as you can see above.

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