Leucaena Identification Online!

Your source of online identification keys for the leguminous genus Leucaena.


Key using floral & vegetative characters

Key using fruit & vegetative characters

List of taxa:

Leucaena collinsii
Leucaena confertiflora
Leucaena cuspidata
Leucaena diversifolia
Leucaena esculenta
Leucaena greggii
Leucaena involucrata
Leucaena lanceolata
Leucaena lempirana
Leucaena leucocephala
Leucaena macrophylla
Leucaena magnifica
Leucaena matudae
Leucaena multicapitulata
Leucaena pallida
Leucaena pueblana
Leucaena pulverulenta
Leucaena retusa
Leucaena salvadorensis
Leucaena shannonii
Leucaena trichandra
Leucaena trichodes
Leucaena X mixtec
Leucaena X spontanea

Keys constructed by P.J. Alexander with assistance from C.E. Hughes, based on the following resources:

HUGHES, C. E. 1998a. Leucaena: a genetic resources handbook. Oxford Forestry Institute, Oxford, UK.
—. 1998b. Monograph of Leucaena (Leguminosae-Mimosoideae). Systematic Botany Monographs. 55:1-244.

All photographs and maps are copyright C.E. Hughes unless otherwise indicated. Line drawings are copyright Rosemary Wise. Photographs, line drawings, and maps may not be used without permission. Keys use SAIKS by G.A. Alexander.