The Needles are the most picturesque and dramatic portion of the range, formed by a north-south line of rugged peaks of vertically-jointed granite. This is also the narrowest portion of the range, and includes the highest point in the Organs, Organ Needle, at its southern end.

The Needles with Physaria carpeting the foreground, 3/13/05.

On the lower part of the trail up to Organ Needle, 2/26/06.

A panoramic view from the trail up to Organ Needle, 2/26/06. The Dripping Springs area is at left.

Looking up at Organ Needle from a shoulder on the south side of the peak, 2/26/06.

Looking east from the same shoulder as in the above photograph, 2/26/06. The visible peaks are in the rhyolitic portion of the mountain range. Lighting was odd, hard to get colors to come out right; but this is what it looked like, near as I can get.

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