Acalypha phleoides

A Mexican species apparenty not entering the United States. Acalypha lindheimeri, which does occur in the United States, is often considered a synonym. A. phleoides is conspicuously hirsute, while A. lindheimeri is merely puberulent. A. phleoides also includes some dioecious populations, while the majority are like A. lindheimeri in having spicate inflorescences with pistillate flowers basally and staminate flowers apically.

A flowering stem in grasslands at La Junta, between Cuauhtémoc and Creel, Chihuahua, Mexico, 6 Sep 2009.

A pistillate inflorescence at La Junta, 6 Sep 2009.

Closer view of an immature fruit at La Junta, 6 Sep 2009.

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