Acleisanthes chenopodioides (A.Gray) R.A.Levin

A low clumping nyctage of desert flats whose resemblance to Chenopodium escapes me.

Flowers, south of Animas in Hidalgo County, New Mexico, 19 Aug 2010.

Plant habit at Prehistoric Trackways National Monument, south side of the Robledo Mountains, Doña Ana County, New Mexico, 16 May 2012.

Basal leaves in Bar Canyon, west side of the Organ Mountains, Doña Ana County, New Mexico, 29 Apr 2012.

Flowering stems on the mesa west of the Organ Mountains near Dripping Springs Road, 28 Aug 2004.

Fruits on the mesa W of the Organs, 28 Aug 2004.

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