Chamaesyce capitellata

A variable species, recognizable in part by its cyathia being born in dense cymose clusters. Typically, the plant has toothed, red-spotted leaves, and both stems and herbage with appressed pubescence, but there are entire-leaved, unspotted, glabrous forms. These traits may appear even on branches of otherwise typical plants.

A smallish cluster of cyathia, San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico, 27 Oct 2006.

A larger cluster of cyathia at San Carlos, 27 Oct 2006.

A flowering stem at San Carlos, 27 Oct 2006.

Plant habit on the Table Top Trail, Sonoran Desert National Monument, Pinal Co., Arizona, 10 Mar 2008.

Cyathia on the Table Top Trail, 10 Mar 2008.

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