Chamaesyce hyssopifolia

A weedy plant similar to Chamaesyce nutans but with glabrous stems. Unfortunately there seems to be a fair amount of variation in stem pubescence in the hyssopifolia/nutans/vermiculata group of Chamaesyce and it is unclear exactly where lines between these taxa are drawn. I'm interpreting Chamaesyce hyssopifolia to include only the completely glabrous-stemmed forms, though some floras suggest that the species may be "inconspicuously" hairy.

An inflorescence on the New Mexico State University campus, Las Cruces, Doña Ana Co., New Mexico, 26 Sep 2006.

Plant habit on the NMSU campus, 26 Sep 2006.

Cyathia on the NMSU campus, 26 Sep 2006.

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