Conium maculatum L.

A widespread and very toxic invasive species found in wet habitats throughout most of the United States. It is identified in part by the purple spotting on the stems, from which the specific epithet derives. In the eastern United States it is fairly common, in the southwest it grows less frequently along montane streams &c.

An inflorescence on Karr Canyon Road on the east side of High Rolls, Sacramento Mountains, Otero County, New Mexico, 12 Jun 2010.

Involucre of an umbellet, Karr Canyon Road, 12 Jun 2010.

A lower cauline leaf, Karr Canyon Road, 12 Jun 2010.

Purple-spotted stem near Bluff Springs, Sacramento Mountains, 12 Jun 2010.

Plant habit on Karr Canyon Road, 12 Jun 2010.

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