Dysphania graveolens (Willd.) Mosyakin & Clemants

A small, inconspicuous plant of moist ground and forest. It has previously been included in the genera Teloxys and Chenopodium, and is most similar to Dysphania botrys, from which it is dstinguished by the protuberances on its tepals (see below).

Plant habit along the Pine Tree Trail at Aguirre Springs on the east side of the Organ Mountains, Doña Ana County, New Mexico, 24 Sep 2005.

Closer view of a portion of an inflorescence at Aguirre Springs, 24 Sep 2005. Note the large green tubercle in the center of each tepal, which is otherwise somewhat scarious and covered abaxially with sessile golden glands.

Plant habit below McKnight Road on the way to Yates Spring Canyon, west side of the Black Range, Grant County, New Mexico, 27 Aug 2011.

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