Euphorbia chamaesula

A tall, perennial Euphorbia often confused with Euphorbia brachycera. Compared to that species, the leaves are generally narrower & ascending (generally narrowly elliptic to lanceolate in E. chamaesula, broadly elliptic to ovate and spreading in E. brachyceras), and plants have long, sterile branches emerging from axils of stem leaves (these absent in E. brachyceras, in which flowering plants have all stems terminated by inflorescences).

Plant habit at Pueblo Park in the San Francisco Mountains, Catron Co., New Mexico, 15 Aug 2009.

An inflorescence at Pueblo Park, 15 Aug 2009.

Cyathia at Pueblo Park, 15 Aug 2009. The glands of the cyathium are more often horned, but the horns are not always present.

Plant habit on the lower part of the Army Trail, west side of the Black Range north of the continental divide, Grant Co., New Mexico, 23 Aug 2009.

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