Geranium richardsonii Fisch. & Trautv.

This species is common at higher elevations throughout much of the western United States. Flowers are generally whitish with purple veins, but flower color is not a good identifying characteristic. Compared to the similar species Geranium casepitosum and Geranium viscosissimum, the nectaries are dorsally lanate (rather than glabrous), and the style branches are shorter (2-5 mm long rather than > 4.5 mm).

A flower, near the dark end of typical variation in color, in Argentina Canyon, Sierra Blanca, Lincoln County, New Mexico, 19 ul 2010.

A lower cauline leaf in Argentina Canyon, 19 Jul 2010.

Upper cauline leaves in Argentina Canyon, 19 Jul 2010.

A flower in the La Sal Mountains northwest of Mount Tukuhnikivats, San Juan County, Utah, 18 Jun 2006.

A flowering stem in the La Sal Mountains, 18 Jun 2006.

A flower in lower Thomas Canyon, Ruby Mountains, Nevada, 8 Aug 2008.

Immature fruits in Thomas Canyon, 8 Aug 2008.

A lower cauline leaf in Thomas Canyon, 8 Aug 2008.

A flower at Atkinson Canyon in the Sacramento Mountains, Otero County, New Mexico, 4 Jul 2005.

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