Heuchera novomexicana

Of the white-flowered Heuchera in southern New Mexico, Heuchera novomexicana is distinguished from both Heuchera wootonii and Heuchera parvifolia by having shorter petals (not exceeding the sepals) with both sepals and petals erect rather than spreading, and by having a deeper, campanulate hypanthium. It is further distinguished from Heuchera parvifolia by its hirsute petioles. However, things are not this simple. The plant photographed below did not have hirsute petioles although its deeply campanulate hypanthium and very short, erect petals indicate that it is Heuchera novomexicana.

Flowers at Aguirre Spring on the east side of the Organ Mts., 5/10/05.

Plant habit at Aguirre Spring, 5/10/05.

Basal leaves at Aguirre Spring, 5/10/05.

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