Kallstroemia californica

This species is probably indistinct from K. parviflora. In specimens I have seen, the characters used to distinguish them are distributed more or less continuously and not perfectly correlated. Though I believe the two to be conspecific, I list them separately because they are distinguished in most floras. K. californica is a summer annual of mountain foothills, arroyos, and relatively moist sites in the desert plains.

A flower near Bahia de Los Angeles in Baja California, 21 Oct 2006.

A fruit between Puertecitos and San Luis Gonzaga in Baja California, 18 Oct 2006. Fruits varied from approximately equal to the length of the carpels, as seen here, to distinctly shorter.

Cauline leaves between Puertecitos and San Luis Gonzaga, 18 Oct 2006.

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