Kallstroemia parviflora

This species is probably indistinct from K. californica. In specimens I have seen, the characters used to distinguish them are distributed more or less continuously distributed and not perfectly correlated. Though I believe the two to be conspecific, I list them separately because they are distinguished in most floras. K. parviflora is a summer annual of mountain foothills in the southern part of the state. It can be abundant in wet years.

Flower and buds, near Peña Blanca on the southwest corner of the Organ Mountains, 16 Sep 2006.

Flowering stems at Dripping Springs on the western side of the Organ Mountains, 19 Aug 2006.

Cauline leaves & immature fruit (unfocused) at Dripping Springs, 19 Aug 2006.

A flower near Peña Blanca, 16 Sep 2006.

Immature fruit near Peña Blanca, 16 Sep 2006.

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