Opuntia phaeacantha

Purplish specimens of this species can be confused with O. macrocentra, but the species is more often reddish or orangish. It apparently hybridizes with both O. macrocentra and O. engelmannii in some areas.

Plant habit on the north side of the Franklin Mountains, 11 Mar 2006.

A flower and developing fruit on the bajada on the west side of the Organ Mts., 20 May 2005. This and the following two pictures are from a plant that in its large, green pads resembles Opuntia engelmannii, and may result from hybridization with that species. The trailing stems and red-centered flowers, on the other hand, are typical of O. phaeacantha.

Plant habit on the west bajada of the Organ Mts., 5/20/05.

Closer view of areoles on the west bajada of the Organ Mts., 5/20/05.

Plant habit near Buehlman Canyon on the east side of the Santa Catalina Mountains, 31 Dec 2008.

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