Schistophragma intermedia (A.Gray) Pennell

A summer annual of extreme southwestern New Mexico and adjacent Arizona that can be abundant in wet years. Most specimens are collected along sandy washes and are 2-3" high. When visiting the Peloncillo Mountains in late summer in 2007, however, I found this species abundant on many small gravel catchments on exposed igneous slopes. Although abundant, the plants were quite minute, most less than 1" in height.

Plant habit near Mormon Pass in the Peloncillo Mountains, Hidalgo County, New Mexico, 26 Aug 2007.

Plant habit near Mormon Pass, 26 Aug 2007.

Plant habit on the trail up Sheridan Gulch on the west side of the Mogollon Mountains, at 33.2597N, 108.7872W, 6600 ft., Catron County, New Mexico, 9 Sep 2011. As far as I am aware, this is the only record of this species from Catron County. Unfortunately, I did not have a press with me and did not collect it.

A flower on the trial up Sheridan Gulch at 6600 feet, 9 Sep 2011.

Plant habit on the bajada below Ash Canyon and Salt Canyon on the east side of the San Andres Mountains, Doña Ana County, New Mexico, 8 Sep 2010. Specimens from this site were collected by Ken Heil, and constitute the only record of this species from Doña Ana County.

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