Scleropogon brevifolius

A common plant at lower elevations in southern New Mexico. Pistillate & staminate florets are born on separate plants and quite different. The pistillate florets have long awns and are easily mistaken at first glance for Aristida.

Pistillate florets at Peña Blanca on the southwest end of the Organ Mts., 16 Sep 2006.

Pistillate inflorescences at Peña Blanca, 16 Sep 2006.

Habit, pistillate plants near Dripping Springs on the west side of the Organ Mts., 19 Aug 2006.

Close view of pistillate florets near Dripping Springs, 19 Aug 2006.

Spikelets embedded in clay cracks, southeast of the Jornada Experimental Range headquarters, northeast of Las Cruces, 25 Jan 2009.

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