Solanum stoloniferum

A wild relative of the potato which has smaller, but still perfectly edible, tubers. Found in moist canyons & in mesic forest at higher elevations. Formerly called Solanum fendleri. The otherwise similar Solanum jamesii has white flowers.

Plant habit on Signal Peak Road at the old corral, Pinos Altos Range, Grant Co., New Mexico, 30 Aug 2009.

Flowers on Signal Peak Rd., 30 Aug 2009.

A leaf on Signal Peak Rd., 30 Aug 2009.

Inflorescence & leaves along the Pine Tree Trail at Aguirre Springs on the east side of the Organ Mountains, Doña Ana County, New Mexico, 24 Sep 2005.

A flower at Aguirre Springs, 24 Sep 2005.

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