Thelesperma longipes

A plant of lower elevation washes. The phyllaries of the genus, with a large, connate inner row and a much smaller, spreading outer row, are unique in American Asteraceae. Thelesperma megapotamicum has longer, erect petals, leaves with wider (but still quite narrow) lobes, shorter peduncles, and inner phyllaries that are united for a greater portion of their length.

Plant habit in Temporal Canyon, northeast of Tularosa, 15 Sep 2008.

A pseudanthium in Temporal Canyon, 15 Sep 2008.

Abaxial view of a pseudanthium, showing phyllaries, in Temporal Canyon, 15 Sep 2008.

Achenes with attached receptacular bracts in Temporal Canyon, 15 Sep 2008.

Pseudanthium between Portal and Paradise in the Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona, 4 Sep 2006.

Plant habit between Portal and Paradise, 4 Sep 2006.

Cauline leaves between Portal & Paradise, 4 Sep 2006.

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