Woodsia neomexicana

Similar to Woodsia phillipsii, but with fewer pinnules per pinnae & with shorter filamentous projections on the leaf margins.

Plant habit on Carrizo Peak, 7/16/06.

Abaxial view of a pinna with sori, Mills Canyon in Kiowa National Grassland, 22 Sep 2006.

Adaxial view of a pinna, Mills Canyon, 22 Sep 2006.

Plant habit on the Pine Tree Trail at Aguirre Spring on the east side of the Organ Mts., 9/17/05.

Plant habit on the high ridge on the north side of Eagle Creek in the Sierra Blanca, 7/3/06.

Plant habit at Mills Canyon, 22 Sep 2006.

Sori at Aguirre Spring, 9/17/05.

Adaxial view of a pinna at Aguirre Spring, 9/17/05.

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