Xanthisma spinulosum ssp. spinulosum

A common plant of the flats. Formerly in Machaeranthera and Haplopappus. The Flora of North America treatment recognized varieties of subspecies, but I won't go that far.

A pseudanthium at White Sands, 7/26/05.

Plant habit, Reeves Co., TX, 20 Mar 2006.

Immature pseudanthium, showing phyllaries, Reeves Co., TX, 20 Mar 2006.

Cauline leaves at White Sands, 7/26/05.

Pseudanthium with achenes, 28 Sep 2006.

Plant habit at White Sands, 7/26/05.

An old pseudanthium from which the achenes have fallen, White Sands, 7/26/05.

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