Area Floras

This is a page where I'll put up lists of plant species for various localities. The lists were compiled by me unless otherwise indicated.


Griffy Lake Research & Teaching Preserve
This is an Excel spreadsheet listing vascular plants and mosses found at the Griffy site of IU's Research & Teaching Preserve in Monroe County. On this list, the forbs and ferns should be complete, the trees may be incomplete, and other groups (mosses, grasses, sedges, rushes) are definitely incomplete. The area can be seen through this page.

McCormick's Creek
This is an Excel spreadsheet of the vascular plants found at McCormick's Creek State Park in Owen County, compiled from 8 or 9 visits I made to the park during 2005. It is definitely incomplete, especially in grasses, but probably 80+ % of the way there.

New Mexico:

Organ Mountains
This is an Excel spreadsheet listing vascular plants in the Organ Mts., eastern Doña Ana County. It was compiled based on a combination of what I've seen out there, what's listed in our herbarium (NMC) as occurring there, and a list compiled by R.D. Worthington of UTEP. Problematic groups are being reviewed and revised as necessary. It is very nearly complete. See also

Sierra de las Uvas
This is an Excel spreadsheet listing vascular plants in the Sierra de las Uvas, northwestern Doña Ana County. It was compiled based on what I've seen out there in only 4 trips into the range, and is very incomplete.

Mangas Mountains
This is a Word document of the plants seen in the vicinity of Wagontongue Mountain, on the southeast side of the Mangas Mts. in central Catron Co., during Botany Base Camp 2005. Compiled by George Cox from the observations of trip participants, double-checked and corrected by Bob Sivinski. In addition to George and Bob, trip participants included: myself, Rich Spellenberg, G. & B. Jercinovic, Kelly Allred, the Iveys, and others. The list should be fairly complete with the exception of spring-flowering plants that may not have been observable.

Monticello Box
This is an excel file listing plants seen at Monticello Box on the southwestern end of the San Mateo Mts. on the 25th to 27th of August, 2006. This was originally intended as a Botany Base Camp meeting, but roads were in places impassabe, and the more reasonable botanists of the state (all but myself) decided to cancel. The list is as complete as possible, given phenological limitations...

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